The late summer was warm and only high winds were an obstacle to going out on the water. Towards the evening, however, the wind calmed down a bit, so it was time to go fishing.

I was going alone on a rowboat, so I thought I would only take two rods with me. To one rod I connected with a brighter colored small lure and for the other I chose a smoked-colored, slightly larger lure.

The air was clear and warm, so the tactic was to fish from the deeps and shorelines. The first deep was not reached by rowing boat due to the big waves. So, I went straight to the other deep, where the wind couldn’t pick up such big waves. The idea was to try to catch the king trout.

I started trolling from the windier side because it would be easier to lower the lures into the water in a tailwind side. After a while, the first fish caught. It took on a smaller, brighter colored lure. The fish was a medium-sized perch that got itself free next to the boat.

At the same time, the second rod bent a little heavier. However, my boat slid in a tailwind at a good pace, and the other lure still swam well also. I took the rod in my hand and felt a rather heavy fish at the end of the line. After moment of fighting, the fish was in the wounds. It was a handsome pike less than a meter long. But not the king trout I was trying to get.

By this point, I had already gone over the deep, so I had to row back to head wind. Good workout if nothing else. A few dropes of sweat were already dripping down my back and I was a little jay, but I didn’t have time to loosen the oars. Very quickly, the boat would have been transversely heading back to the starting point.

I began to reach one end of the deep and just looked to the shore as the reel brake began to keep promising noise. I took a few harder strokes and reeled the other rod rabidly back in.

At this point, I no longer cared, or even did not even notice where the wind was carrying the boat. The fish took a dive and jumped into the air. It was really bright and big trout!

When I got the fish tired and closer to the boat, it dived under the boat several times. I tried to turn the boat with one oar, trying to reel the fish under the boat and behind the stern, so I could make direct contact with the fish again.

With slightly shaking hands I got fish reeled to hand net. It was in good condition and with “an eye weighed” at least 2.5 kilograms of trout. Smoked color worked again!

For a moment, I wonder if I am going to keep fishing. However, I thought this was enough for this time and left with a smile on my face towards home and the warm sauna waiting there.

Smoked color is a delicacy for trout, and other predatory fish. Copper, brown, orange with black dots. Yes, it does work well! Excellent color when fishing in slightly brighter waters, were are enough bait fish for predatory fish.