MyLure is a Finnish family owned business, which produces high-quality fishing lures.
We have vast experience in lure design and manufacturing.
We have manufactured and designed lures for salmon fishing for over 15 years. Our company also manufactures Eemelivaaput-brand name lures.
We also have experience in a wide range of fisheries, which has laid a good foundation for the development of lures.
Behind everything is a passion for fishing and for lure production.


Fishing has always been close to my heart. There is nothing better than row on a lake in beautiful Finnish weather, watch the fishing rod movement in breath-taking scenery and wait fish to bite.
Extra excitement is always in the air. You never know when record sized fish will bite. It does not matter how big the fish is, the moment when the fish bites, it always gets your heart rate to rise and adrenaline flowing.


MyLure idea originated, when I had been thinking for a long time, what new could be bring to the fishing market. I thought and thought, and I couldn’t think of anything…
One night I was lying on my bed listening to an audiobook. The book was about a company that makes products based on a customer’s orders. This company had a software how to design a product based on customer specific needs. I went to explore their site and a few minutes later the idea came to me! Why don’t we do the same for lures? after all, we had many inquiries about whether we might be able to make a certain colored lure. Sure we could but designing the right colors and patterns turned out to be quite a challenging and time-consuming activity. So I decided to start developing the service, where everyone can design their own lure in their favorite colors and patterns.
So become MyLure.


Our lures are made from ABS plastic. Our blanks are well designed, durable and they have very fish alluring swimming style with a rattle mechanism. Hooks and lure rings are of high quality, the varnish surface on them is shiny and durable. 

Upon your order , we’ll paint your lure according to your plan. After painting, we glue the swimming plate on and glue lures eyes in place, after which the lure is varnished. After hooks are attached, we test every lure and we deliver them to you in ecological cardboard packaging.

Start designing your favorite color here!