All over Finland, Midsummer was celebrated at its best. The summer holiday had just started, the air was just right warm and sunny. Fortunately, the wind cooled down appropriately.

I thought I’d go rowing on the lake. I grabbed a few fishing rods and pushed the boat into the water.

On the shore, I dug my wooden a self-made lure , painted with Parrot coloring and I left rowing.
Perhaps ten minutes passed when the rod bent handsomely. At first, I thought I was stuck to the bottom or to log, because there was no movement at the other end of the line.

I was thinking to myself that it should not be shallow here, and there should not be really nothing else where it could have gotten caught up in.

After a few seconds, this “log” took off. The equipment was very light, so I was a little excited about how to get this beast up.
The fish did not appear on the surface at all but moved slowly and surely along the bottom. It was not until the fish spotted the boat that it took off in a good start.

The brake was buzzing, and I kept the fish under as much pressure as I dared. I was in danger of breaking the line.

At this point, I also realized that I don’t even have a hand net!
I rowed to a nearby beach. After a long battle, I was able to float the fish into the shore railing.

Pike was the biggest I’ve ever seen and it was really thick. A record-breaking pike!

Of course, I had not brought a scale with me. I estimate the weight of the fish at about 10kg.
Now, a little more experienced, I can say that it may not have been quite that heavy…

This coloring works not only for pike, but also for other fish, such as perches, bumps and trout. Parrot works best with sunshine and when the water is warm.