It was Saturdayof the last weekend of Okaku. The air was foggy and humid. Many people think that the fishing air is bad, but I think weather was perfect.

Our boat could be lowered from the ramp without any problems. The plan of the day was mainly to do trolling and, if a suitable place could be found, you could also do some lure fishing. It often brings a nice variation to longer trolling days.

Our luck catching fishes was bad all morning and what we got was very small.

The day started to turn to the evening, and I was looking at my lure box. Then I remembered the time when I got nice catch with this one lure.

That color was Red Eye Perch.

I switched it to the end of the line. After a while, the first nipple, however, the fish did not stay on.
Soon the same rod bent a bit. It was a big pike. Pike was thin and tall. I let it loose to grow a bit more.

Soon the same rod went completely bent. I think the reel brake was a little too tight after the last fish. I took the rod in my hand and thought this is going to be a big one! However, doubting thoughts began to creep into my mind when did not feel any kick. However, it moved slightly towards the boat. Very soon I realized that this isn’t a fish. Well, it was an old fish trap.

After eating our snacks, the same rod bent again. This time the brake was adjusted correctly, so it creaked nicely. The fish was dabbling on surface of the water and I thought I was seeing a big head above the surface. I think it’s a pike. After a hard pumping and fighting, we got the fish into our boat. Pike was 112cm long. I let this one go back into nature as well.

After releasing the fish, my hands were already a little tired from the fatigue of fighting the fish and fighting with the old fish trap. I felt tired at this point and a little wet. So, this was to point where it was good to end this adventure.

I recommend using a trot if you are fishing in waters with pike or other fish with sharp teeth! This is a perfect color for all predatory fish.